School Uniforms

We have developed dress code and grooming guidelines in order to:

  • teach students grooming and hygiene
  • create and maintain a respectful and positive learning environment
  • prevent the disruption of, interference with, or detraction from the educational environment and school activities
  • minimize health and safety hazards

These guidelines provide rules regarding common situations but cannot cover every style of dress and specific situations that may arise. The District reserves the right to prohibit any clothing or grooming style that the administration determines to be reasonably expected to pose a health or safety hazard or to cause disruption of, distraction from, or interference with general school operations.

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  • Garments must allow for participation in all regular school activities while maintaining dignity and modesty.
  • All articles of clothing must be worn as they are designed to be worn.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Shorts of modest length, loose fitting, and hemmed may be worn by students.
  • Dresses and skirts should be of modest length and fit.
  • Extremely sloppy, badly torn, or inappropriately torn/slit/ripped clothing is prohibited.
  • Shoes must be worn. Taps, metal plates, cleats, or wheels on shoes will not be permitted.
  • Students may not wear house shoes, pajamas tops or bottoms, boxers, or other sleepwear as outerwear.
  • All high school students must have their student ID visible at all times.

Hair and grooming

  • Hair, including facial hair, must be clean, groomed, and by the nature of the style does not intend to create a distraction.
  • Inappropriate hair designs/insignias are prohibited.
  • Hair color that is disruptive or distractive to the school environment is prohibited. Hair must either be a natural color or naturally tinted or colored in a blended and balanced manner.
  • Hair must be kept out of the eyes and must not be a distraction.

Hats and head coverings

  • Students may not wear hair curlers, rollers, hair picks, combs, or brushes in their hair.
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, sweat bands, hoods, visors, or other nonreligious head coverings should not be worn in the school building.

Jewelry, piercings and tattoos

  • Earrings are limited to the ears for all students. Facial and body piercing of any kind is prohibited. Earrings include clip earrings, pierced earrings or studs, or any item used as a post in a pierced ear.
  • Boys in grades K-8 may not wear earrings of any kind.
  • Jewelry that causes a distraction or that could be dangerous to the student or other individuals are prohibited (i.e. spiked/studded jewelry, chokers, dog collars, necklaces made out of safety pins or chain links, etc.)
  • All inappropriate or distractive tattoos must be covered at all times while in the school building or at school-related activities, or school-sponsored events.
  • Non-distractive tattoos may also be required to be covered (campus administrator discretion).

Offensive, disruptive and extreme clothing

  • Apparel that advertises or depicts alcohol, drugs, nudity, tobacco products, satanic themes, gang membership, obscene language, obscene graphics, and/or phrases that are offensive to others will not be permitted.
  • Any disruptive or distractive mode of clothing or appearance that adversely impacts the educational process is not acceptable.
  • Extremes in modes of dress, such as see through clothing, exposed midriffs, or clothing normally considered as undergarments are not acceptable.


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