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Bob Hope Charter School

In 1995, revisions of the Texas Education Code established charter schools. The Hughen Center applied to the Texas Education Agency for a charter. The State Board of Education approved the request for a charter in November 2008. Bob Hope School will open the charter academy for the 2010-2011 school year. This will also rejuvenate the Bob Hope High School, named for long time Hughen Center benefactor and entertainment legend, Bob Hope. In anticipation of this charter academy, the Hughen Center is currently renovating the Bob Hope building on campus. If you would like more information, please contact the Hughen Center or make a donation today to assist in renovations.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles has been a big supporter of Hughen Center, and in 1978 assisted with a telethon that brought in $1 million to build Bob Hope High School on the campus. The event was featured on the cover of the May, 1979 issue of The Eagle Magazine, showing Bob Hope, then-Grand Secretary Doc Dunlap and Hughen student. Gabriel Najera. Mr. Najera now serves on the Hughen Center Board of Directors.

Bob Hope School
At a Fraternal Order of Eagles banquet in the late 1970s, Bob Hope was the speaker. A little fellow made his way on crutches to the microphone to say thanks to the Eagles for their help to the Hughen School. Bob leaned over to the toastmaster to ask, “Is that youngster visually handicapped?” Informed that he was blind, Bob Hope said, “If the Eagles will help, I’ll go down to Texas and put on a telethon and raise a million dollars for those kids.”And that’s exactly what happened. In 1978, A Fraternal Order of Eagles-Bob Hope telethon was broadcast over many Texas TV stations. The telethon raised over $1 million dollars and made possible building the Bob Hope High School, the only institution of its kind in the nation at the time. “Whenever you have the Eagles behind you,” said Bob Hope at the 1980 dedication, “you are guaranteed a success.” This was the beginning of a long relationship between the Hopes and the Hughen children. Bob Hope and his wife, Dolores would make numerous visits to Hughen Center for years to come. The Dolores Hope Library was dedicated in 1989. In 2007, Mrs. Hope and her daughter Linda donated the funds to create the Dolores Hope Library Computer Lab.

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