Uniforms and Dress Code

2020 BHS Uniforms

Parents may also purchase uniforms online HERE!

Uniform and Dress Code: 

èBoys: hair must be collar length. If braided, it needs to be up and off the collar. NO razor cuts/designs.

èBoys may not wear earrings.

èGirls:  Skirts/skorts should be fingertip length. Girls should wear shorts under dresses for modesty.

èBoys & Girls:  All students need to wear their ties as it is a required item of their uniforms.  boys need to tuck their shirts in.  Fridays (only) all students may wear their red polo shirt and the uniform dress pant/short/skort. No ties are needed with the red polo shirt.

Add Lunch money to your students account


Backpack policy:  please purchase clear or mesh backpacks for your child



Please mark your child’s belongings

Please help us and be sure your child’s backpack is labeled under the straps and inside the zipper compartment. place a strip of tape or use a laundry marker to write your child’s name on the tag inside the shirt or blouse as well.  sometimes backpacks, sweaters, and children become separated from the belongings.  SO, to be sure not to spend unnecessary money, always label.  remember to mark the lunchboxes too. (First, Last names and Grade)

èLost and Found:  We find things and we love to reunite them with your child. did you find something that is not for your child?  We bet someone is looking for it. please model grace and courtesy and return that item to the school/office.  At Bob Hope, we value honesty, integrity, respect, as it the brick we have built this school’s foundation on, while doing all homework and service to others.