Bob Hope School-Beaumont


Beaumont-Beginning of the year forms.

Socioeconomic Information Form 2020-2021

Important information for student's returning.

  1. Arrival begins at 7:30.  
  2. Students are tardy at 8:01AM.  Sixth grade students are tardy at 8:16 AM. 
  3. Dismissal is at 4:00PM and ends at 4:30.  Please pick your child up on time.  Students not picked up by 4:30PM will be held in the gym 6 feet apart.  For sixth grade students, dismissal is from 4:15 to 4:45 PM
  4. Please make sure you have your Car Rider Pro tag and placard displayed and your child is wearing his or her lanyard and name tag.
  5. Because of COVID-19, we will not be allowing parents to walk their children to class as we have in the past during the 1st week of school.  We appreciate your understanding.
  6. Please understand that all children will have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer while they are still in the car.  Children may not get out of the car without their temperature taken first.  If their temperature is 100  or higher, you will need to take your child home.  
  7. If your child is in 3rd to 6th grade, please make sure they bring their Chromebooks with their chargers.  Please ensure that their Chromebooks are charged before they arrive.
  8. Please understand that due to COVID-19, children will not be allowed to use communal water fountains.  If you would like your child to be able to drink water, please send them with a water bottle.
  9. Please ensure that your child arrives with their mask on.  We ask that you also please wear a mask.



Helpful Numbers:

Bob Hope School Main Office                               (409) 983-3244 ext. 700

Bob Hope School- Beaumont Bus Transportation                     (409) 617-8857

Counseling Center (Family SERVICES)                            (409) 833-2668

Buckner Children and Family Services                                   (409)- 866-0976

Women’s and Children Shelter                            (409) 832-7575       

Food Bank                                                             (409) 839-8777